Christopher Stieha

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an R package for analyzing SDEs and computing quasi-potential

Examples from Moore et al. 2016

Download our R Journal article on using QPot.
These examples are pdfs with code and R output and older R code. Webpages to come soon.
Example 1: Two stable equilibria pdf R code
Example 2: Limit cycle pdf R code
Example 3: Two local quasi-potentials that are difficult to combine into a global quasi-potential R code

NOTE: Example 1 can be change to a limit cycle with
model.parms <- c(alpha = 1.5, beta = 45, delta = 10, gamma = 5, kappa = 18, mu = 4)
You will need to check boundaries!

Examples from Lotka-Volterra Competition

To show the usefulness of the quasi-potential, we can analyze Lotka-Volterra competition models.
Presentation on QPot pdf
These examples are R script files.
Coexistence R code
3D plot of coexistence global quasi-potential movie
Initial condition dependence with two stable equilibria R code


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